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An investor in NASDAQ stocks in 2000 would have waited sixteen years to recoup their investment. Those invested in the S&P 500 in 2008 would eventually see their investments in stocks at breakeven eight years later. In both cases, understanding the strength or weakness of the market trend would have given an investor the opportunity to exit positions and also to re-enter at a time that would have offered the possibility of generating much greater returns.
At GrowSmart Capital we have taken these lessons to heart and have developed services to help investors identify and capitalize on market trends. This macro understanding of the financial instrument arena offers the investor the ability to better manage risk and capitalize on opportunities.
Paying subscribers to the full Market Monitor service will receive the Market Journal blog plus a detailed report each month discussing the overall trend of price and the strength of that trend. In addition, subscribers will receive alerts when the intermediate to longer term trends appear to be waning. Using structural analysis of the development of price trends in multiple timeframes, investors will be able to understand strength and weakness along with both support and resistance levels.
As the environment for the financial markets develop, a clear discussion of the threats and opportunities facing the overall markets will be provided on an interim basis. Investors looking to gain control of their own portfolios will benefit from the intra-month updates issued as the macro environment develops.
Stock Indices covered in the Market Monitor are:
DOW (Industrials and Transports)

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Market Monitor is included in subscriptions to each of our recommendations services. In these cases we also provide evaluations of the specific stock positions recommended by that service. These evaluations will include, entry positions, stop price management and exit instructions.